Retrospective Post

Unfortunately, I do not think that I learned that much about digital publication. The class was more focused on the history of writing teaching. The blog simply functioned as a way of submitting coursework online, similar to camino but open to the public. I am constantly online reading blogs but I do not feel that […]

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Harris & His Sources: Process

I: Citation Analysis I analyzed the third chapter, Process, in Joseph Harris’ A Teaching Subject (2012) in my study of the various ways in which Harris uses his sources and whether or not he effectively and properly used them in his work. Upon investigation, several points of interest stood out to me including the differences in dates […]

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Shipka: Multimodal Task-Based Framework for Composing

“As inquiry-based approaches to composing were increasingly offered as a way of bridging the distance between personal and academic discourse aims, practitioners were also cautioned about the ways that overly prescriptive assignments might actually militate against intellectual “mystery” (Davis and Shadle 441) and perpetuate instead a mechanical fill-in-the-blanks or “cookbook” (Bridwell-Bowles 56) approach to composing” […]

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Myers: ReMembering the Sentence

“The Chomskian perspective that followed behaviorism focused almost exclusively on syntax. Vocabulary was considered less important than the search for a universal inborn grammar, since the words of particular languages are learned after birth. While the terrain of study may have been the sentence, only abstract organizing principles were of concern” (612). This reading was […]

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Harris: Error

“Is the point of undergraduate study to prepare students to become professional intellectuals?” (119) This quote really struck me as one of the main questions that we are trying to ask in this class. Do we want to be taught to be conformists to academic prose and writing? This seems like a path of least […]

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